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The FitFlop Craze Rolls Into Town

If you haven’t heard of FitFlops, then where on earth have you been hiding! If you are like me and love your flipflops and wear them all the time (as soon as the weather dries up at all), but like a bit of substance to your footwear, then these are the brand for you.

Not only does the FitFlop range look great, they are actually good for your feet! How? I hear you ask. Well, let me give you a quick rundown. They were developed by a personal trainer with input from a, wait for it, bio-mechanical engineer(!) The idea behind them was to encourage and aid wearers to use their feet and leg muscles more efficiently when walking, in essence, tone your legs and bum! Research did in fact find that they do work those all-important glutes (bum muscles to you and I), hamstrings, thighs and calves, due to the thick mid-sole unit. A big shot American doctor even said FitFlops make the body adjust its stride to ensure the knee is correctly aligned, therefore helping alleviate knee, hip and back pain! Yey I hear you cry!

You just have to try them!

My absolute favourite- FitFlop Banda £85.banda
First off, how on trend is the rose gold leather finish? I love it! These are a great go to sandal if you want something to carry you from day to night, beach to cocktails! They are complete with a leather upper and are fully leather lined leaving them totally breathable on the foot. The dual-density SupercomFF mid-sole provides all day comfort and cushioning. The purpose of this is to diffuse areas of high pressure when walking. It is super-light and extremely flexible all at the same time as looking fab! The toe post front keeps them from looking clumpy I think. You need these and I know you want them! I certainly do! I don’t know how many times I have tried them on!





GlitterballsFitFlop Glitterball Slide £60 & Glitterball Toe Post £50
These are perfect whether you prefer a toe post or a slip on, FitFlop have you well covered. First thing to catch your eye is the pewter metallic glitter finish- AMAZING and so versatile! Featuring a Micro wobble board mid-sole (gosh that is a mouthful!) which not only delivers extraordinary comfort but helps with shock absorption and diffuses underfoot pressure. It does this by instantly increasing the contact area of the foot to the mid-sole which harbours the least amount of pressure. Perfect, for example if like me you strike very hard on your heel! These come in an average width fit and have a seamless built in arch contour and slip resistant rubber sole. What more do you want!




FitFlop Luna £50Luna
Luna is a style of FitFlop that many of you will already be familiar with. Available in silver or black, this little number is sure to fly out! Wear it dressy or casual this will cover all bases. Featuring the same Micro wobble board technology as the Glitterball sandal, you are guaranteed comfort and shock absorption with every step. Again, it has that all important arch support which is a great added bonus in any shoe or sandal. The jeweled detailed upper is fab without being tacky. We love them!






CrystalFitFlop Crystal Toe Post £75
If you like a bit of bling then this is the one for you. The toe post upper is adorned with micro-crystals that shimmer in the sunlight. Comfort is not forgotten here, where as in normal footwear the areas of high pressure are under the ball of your foot and heel, with these FitFlops that high pressure is non-existent thanks to the Micro wobble board technology. This tech spreads the pressure out across the mid-sole making for a more comfortable stride. This Crystal Toe Post would easily take you up the town to do your groceries or out along the beach front for a glass of sangria- it is so versatile. You will love it!


So, in conclusion encase you got lost. The 7 health benefits from wearing FitFlops are so:
Fit Flop Benefits

And just so you can see the difference in pressure mapping, here is another wee picture for you to take a look at:
Fit Flop Pressure mapping

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a pair and let your FitFlop journey begin, and remember and tell us how you get on!


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