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Make A Splash With Joules

Living where we do here in Northern Ireland, welly boots are an absolutely essential wardrobe staple. The temptation to stay indoors and hibernate while the weather warnings for snow keep being extended are so strong, you need to get out and about! Although I love the snow, I hate driving in it. But as for walking through freshly fallen snow with my two dogs, Winston and Arthur, I love it! Tucked up in my coat, scarf, hat and the essential wellies!!

Personally I am a fan of either a mid or longer welly as I find them much more practical for trekking through the fields and forests, for keeping the lower leg dry in the wetter weather. Personally I am not one for boring wellies, I love a good print and design which is why the Joules welly range appeal to me so much.

The Joules brand itself was established about 25years ago and it is based on heritage, family fun and countryside chic and it is a quintessentially British brand. They have went away from a typical big, floppy boot and made them much more fitted.

They pride themselves on the anatomy of the sole unit. Every sole has dispersal channels – think of a car tyre with its grooves and tread and how it uses it to grip the road. The tread of the wellies pushes the water outward allowing the sole surface to come into contact with the ground. The soles are made of just the right mixture of hard and soft rubber so they can grip but don’t wear out too fast. That is exactly what we want! The natural rubber upper wears so well, is flexible and comfy on.

Now for the range....If you love the classic welly shape and styling then we have two prints of the Classic Tall. These are the perfect length for any weather condition, cutting below the knee. We have the WELLY PRINT SILVER POSY which is a fabulous contrast of a grey background teamed with a vibrant floral print which snakes from the foot and up the leg.

You also have the NAVY DITSY classic tall which have proved super popular. A navy background is adorned with splashes of pink, green, grey and raspberry tones. We love them! The rubber upper is supple and flexible so there is no need to break them in, just pop them on and off you go!

A style I am totally taken with is the MOLLY WELLY and I think a lot of it has to do with the prints! These wellies are the perfect leg length to flatter the leg if you are not tall, and they allow real ease of movement cutting off at the calf. The Molly Welly is great if you have a slightly bigger calf.

My favourite, being a dog lover, is MOLLY WELLY NAVY DOG! I love the navy to yellow colour contrast and the ‘dogs in the rain’ design. From poodles with rain hats on, to a Basset holding an umbrella with his tail, this is the perfect welly for the dog lover in your life! I really want and need a pair!

Or if you like your animals a bit on the larger size then we have MOLLY WELLY GREEN HORSE. This classic green mid welly style features jockeys and dressage prints, so perfect if horses are your thing! The colour is so perfect!

A slightly different style of welly from Joules is the Wellibob! These are more like a short shoe boot style which are great for doing a bit out in the garden while keeping the toes dry. Although they are much shorter in the leg, Joules haven’t compromised with the style. We have the WELLIBOB FRENCH NAVY which is a navy floral welly with hints of red, white and yellow which really took off at Christmas time!

A new colour in, is WELLIBOB NAVY DOG and it is just the cutest! Featuring a plethora of dogs, these would be a great present for someone!

All the Joules wellies come in the most fabulous boxes with their own wee handles.

If you do purchase a pair then you will want to know how to get the best out of them! In terms of cleaning, a bucket of warm, soapy water goes a long way. Give them a good clean down then leave them to dry naturally. If you stuff them with newspaper they will dry a good bit quicker for you!

If you notice a white powdery residue forming on your welly boot, then do not panic. This is a perfectly normal process and is called ‘blooming’. It is basically where the natural oils in the rubber work their way to the surface through wear. All you have to do it wipe it away with a clean damp cloth!

That is it, how easy is welly boot up keep??!!

You know you want a pair. I am away to see where has my size in the doggy ones!

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